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Princess of Asturias Award International Music School

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Complementary Activities

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1. Piano Accompaniment

In order to assist students in their study of musical works, students will have the opportunity to work alongside this subject's full professors and study the work with piano accompaniment that they have submitted themselves. Students should arrange a maximum of three rehearsal sessions with the piano accompanist assigned to their level (basic, intermediate or advanced) during the first few days of the Summer Courses. The piece to interpret is to be specified on the registration form (once the Summer Courses have commenced, the piece may not be changed if it involves piano accompaniment).

2. Concert Series

During the Summer Courses the International Music School organises an extensive series of concerts performed by the professors and students, bringing together diverse musical experiences, in both their role as interpreter and spectator. These concerts are meant to complement class-based teaching. The final decision regarding whether students are to participate or not in the concerts will depend on the teacher.

3. Conference series

The lectures and talks, given by artists, musicians and musicologists, are recommended to all students enrolled in the Summer Courses, and involve an approach to certain professional careers, certain scientific reflections linked to music, or motivating artistic experiences, aspects -all of them- capable of stimulating the formation of students.

4. Lutherie, technician, mechanics and maintenance of the instrument

Students of the Summer Courses interested in approaching (practical and participatory) the performance and tuning of their instruments will have the opportunity to attend the workshops conducted by technical staff specialized in these disciplines. The work sessions will be organized by instrumental families or groups of instruments.

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