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Princess of Asturias Award International Music School

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Music Ensemble Classes

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Starting 8th July, students will receive a password to access each subject's music archives.

Enrolment in any of the following Ensemble subjects does not guarantee that the student will directly participate in scheduled concerts. The final decision will depend on the teacher and on the Artistic Director of the Summer Courses.


Students enrolled in any of the following music ensemble classes shall be organised into instrument groups according to their academic level and shall study with the material provided by the School. Students will attend at least four lessons.

Chamber music

Woodwind ensemble

String quartet

Free improvisation (information)

Jazz ensemble

Lied Singing with Piano Accompaniment / Instrumental ensemble (information)

Piano four hands



All the students of the String, Woodwind and Keyboard Departments will have the orchestra classes directly included in their registration without additional fee. Students will attend at least seven sessions.

Junior orchestra (basic level)

Youth orchestra (intermediate and advanced level)

The students of the Keyboard Department will also participate in this subject, through the workshop "Harpsichord and piano in the orchestra" where, through collective sessions - initially theoretical in the classroom and later practical with the rest of the members of the orchestra, they will alternate a musical program focused on Baroque orchestral repertoire for harpsichord and orchestral repertoire from different stages for piano. In addition, some of the students will have the possibility of playing with the orchestra in the Finale Concert (providing the teacher imparting the course puts their names forward).

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