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Princess of Asturias Award International Music School

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Last year, the International School of Music assumed 57,7% of the cost of these activities. This means that all enrolled students receive a grant, which, thanks to the Princess of Asturias Foundation, allows for more affordable tuition fees.

Fees: Instrument Classes

  • Basic level 360,00 €
  • Intermediate level 425,00 €
  • Advanced level 465,00 €

All the students of String, Woodwind and Keyboard Departments enrolled in instrument classes will have directly included in their registration -without additional fee- orchestra classes (Junior or Youth, depending on their academic level), or the workshop "Harpsichord and piano in the orchestra".

Fees: Comprehensive Courses

  • Voice (Vocal Technique, Performance, Lied, Resources of the Human Body for Singers and Free Improvisation) 400,00 €
  • Orchestral Conducting (1) 300,00 €
  • Introduction to Composing (2) 150,00 €

Fees: Music Ensemble Classes

  • Chamber music, Woodwind ensemble or String quartet 300,00 €
  • Chamber music, Wood wind ensemble or String quartet (3) 125,00 €
  • Free Improvisation 150,00 €
  • Jazz ensemble 150,00 €
  •  Lied Singing with Piano Accompaniment / Instrumental ensemble 125,00 €
  • Piano four hands 125,00 €
  • Junior orchestra (4) 75,00 €
  • Youth orchestra (5) 90,00 €

Fees: Music Health Classes

  • The Musician`s Health: the Hypopressive Method 60,00 €
  • The Musician`s Health: the Hypopressive Method (6) 40,00 €

Fees: Auditors

  • All the subjects (7) 150,00 €

  • (1) The subject Orchestral Conducting is designed solely for advanced level students.
  • (2) The subject Introduction to Composing is designed for intermediate level students (mainly those who study higher courses) and for advanced level students.
  • (3) Fee for the courses for students who have registered in the intermediate or advanced level of instrument classes. Basic level students do not have these subjects.
  • (4) The subject is designed solely for basic level students.
  • (5) The subject is designed solely for intermediate and advanced level students.
  • (6) Fee for the course for parents of students who are interested in participating.
  • (7) The option of attending the courses as an occasional student is only available to students who are not registered for any other subject included of the courses.


Fill out all the required fields on the application form, from 25th April on. To make payment of registration, you have seven days from now. Otherwise, the registration is automatically cancelled. The description in the bank transfer should specify the registration number and the name and surname of the student.

Bank details

Bank: Liberbank.

Address: Calle San Francisco, 15. 33003. Oviedo. España.
IBAN: ES93 2048 0001 7234 0000 7532.


  • Students who cancel their enrolment before 21st June will be refunded the full amount of their enrolment fees, provided they inform the International Music School. Refunds will be made after this date and before the courses have commenced.
  • Any issues regarding registration that would require a refund of the fees must be dealt with before Friday 21st June.
  • The management of the School reserves the right to cancel any course if the number of applications fails to reach the minimum required for the course to be given.

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